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Getting an electric bike is a big step for many, especially if you’re ditching your carbon emitting monster on four wheels and adopting a two-wheeler riding lifestyle. There are many brands selling electric bikes in Europe, but Velo is among the top ones. Read this complete review to learn more about it and whether its ebikes are right for you.  

About Velo:

Founded by Albert Thiemann in 1966, Velo started off as a company with the purpose of distributing two-wheelers. With time, the company expanded its operations and became one of the leading manufacturers of bicycles and their spare parts. 

With steady growth and commitment to quality, Velo reached a point in 2009 where they rolled out their first ebike, E40. The company has never looked back since then.


Velo has a great lineup of motors, with each designated for specific ebike models. They have four different motors from Bosch, well-suited for every kind of use and budget, including Active Line, Performance Line, Performance Line CX and more. 

Furthermore, they also have ebikes with Shimano Motors that are very popular among ebiking enthusiasts. The line-up of Shimano Motors includes Steps E6100 for everyday riding and EP8 for off-road riding and steep climbs.

Lastly, they also use the Fazua motor system in their ebikes, which is the most lightweight, compact, and slim motor on the market, weighing only 4.6kg. It has a sleek look and feel, and because of its size, it gives the ebike a look of a non-motorized one.


Since Velo uses three different kinds of motor systems, it also has three different types of batteries that go with each of the motors. With Bosch motor-powered ebikes, you can get 400Wh and 500Wh powerpacks or 400Wh and 500Wh powertubes.

With Shimano motors, you can get 418Wh, 504Wh and 630Wh frame batteries or 504Wh and 630Wh fully integrated batteries. 

Lastly, Fauza powered ebikes come with a 252Wh battery that’s incredibly small and lightweight. However, the capacity definitely needs an increment. 


Velo has rolled out different ebike lines (6 to be exact) with varying purposes like for off-road, urban, comfort and so on. So the design varies greatly depending on the variant. For instance, their Compact model is smaller, lighter and can be stored quite easily, while the Sport variant has a mountain bike type look. 

Most of the ebikes are made with ergonomics in mind so you can have a comfortable riding experience. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of tires, headlights, and backlights for you to choose from. You can even choose the frame type out of the four categories available with further height selection.  

Display & Information:

Bosch powered ebikes come with their own display units that can perform various functions depending on the unit you have. For instance, the Intuvia system shows battery status, distance covered, range, shift recommendation and power assistance levels. The Kiox unit takes it a step further and can even track training activities. Lastly, with the Nyon unit, you can have an on-board computer with a 3.22 touchscreen panel that’ll show various metrics, including navigation and let you change power modes on the go.

With the Shimano motor based ebikes, you can get three types of display devices, such as the SC-E6100 that shows various ride metrics, including distance, speed, power mode and so on. It can also connect to your smartphone. The second display unit is Sigma EOX View 1300 that wirelessly connects with the bike and can also be removed from the holder. The last one is Sigma ROX 12.0 that has a bright coloured screen with a touch display. Besides the ride data, you get navigation information to better plan your routes.

Last but not least, the Fazua has two display systems; Remote FX and Remote BX. They have LED lights for battery status and can be recessed in the frame or the handlebar. Both have touch panels for switching between power modes. 

Range of Bikes:

Velo offers a MASSIVE range of ebikes well-suited for all kinds of cyclists. Whether you need something for casual urban riding, extreme off-road touring or a mix of both, they’ve got an ebike for you. Velo has six lines of ebikes that include:

  • Allround: For every day riding or long distance touring
  • Sport: Equipped with powerful engines and special sporty seating for robust performance
  • Fully Tour: Made for long touring and equipped with comfortable seats and full-suspension
  • Compact: Small, lightweight and easy to store
  • Esprit: Slim, sleek and modern with more focus on battery and motor integration
  • Comfort: Well-made and designed for day-to-day rides with a focus on comfort

Each of these lines has several models that are equipped with different components so you can easily find your perfect match.

Who Should Consider Getting Velo eBikes?

  • Those looking for high customizability as you can select everything from tires to frame and motors for your ebike
  • Those who want a range of features to enhance the riding experience
  • Those looking for a massive variety of ebikes to choose from

Who Should Look the Other Way?

  • Budget buyers should look at other brands because these ebikes are quite expensive
  • If you get confused with too many options, you may find the wide variety of ebikes and their components overwhelming

Bottom Line:

There’s no doubt that Velo has gone above and beyond in coming up with an excellent range of ebikes that boast incredibly practical designs and powerful drivetrains. We suggest taking your time to go through the different models one by one and then decide which kind of pedelec is best for you out of their massive line-up.

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