11 Best Electric Bike in Australia [2021]

Fall is probably the best time to go out with friends and relatives to get some fresh air. You know that feeling—it’s neither too cold nor too hot—making it the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. 

And the entire experience goes top-notch higher if you have a bike. You can move to any destination, enjoying while also exercising your body and keeping you healthier. Furthermore, you’ll save on transportation costs, thus giving you the flexibility to save. 

If you’ve been one of those people who loves going out with bikes, there are even better options in the market today—electric bikes. So instead of using up all your energy, an electric bike will come in handy. In other words, you won’t have to peddle entirely throughout your adventure. 

And while many benefits come with electric bikes, the most significant advantage is that they come with peddle assistant function. The peddle assistant function makes sure that you use less energy, especially when you’ll be climbing hills during your adventure. 

Whichever electric bike you’ll purchase, there’ll be some difference in the power. There are some with superior peddle assistants that will get you even over very steep inclines. So your bike riding experience gets even better. 

Best Electric Bike in Australia 2021

1. NCM Paris Folding E-Bike [Top Rated]


This model was made with the intention to fold quickly without using any tools, allowing for easy storage and transit, while the stem, pedals, frame, and saddle all fold for remarkable flexibility. Mounting and dismounting are simple for anybody, thanks to the bike’s low step-through design, making it a bike suited for all users, particularly in the city.

The bike has a high-efficiency Dehawk 36v, 15ah battery, giving the motor the power to attain the maximum power-assisted speed of 15.5mph and allowing riders at least 25 miles of pedal help. It also has an integrated USB port for charging your bike while moving.

Additionally, this e-bike comes with Das-Kit L6B LCD that provides six levels of power-assist from the motor and different riding information. A zero-assist option may also be selected, which turns off the engine and causes the E-bike to act as a regular bicycle.

Tektro disc brakes in the front and the rear provide a quick and smooth stop every time and are less impacted by weather conditions than V-brakes. The electric bike also has a spanning 20 lux headlamp for safe and confident riding in poor light.

The flip-up seat is intended for simple battery removal and is quite pleasant due to the integrated suspension. Furthermore, Shimano derailleurs improve the smoothness and dependability of gear changing.

Finally, its sturdy and light front and rear mudguards keep you clean and dry during rainy seasons. A rear luggage rack helps carry extra baggage, and a metal guide keeps the chain on track while keeping your clothing clean and preventing them from catching when riding.


  • The bike has a simple folding with a strong low-step frame
  • Its lithium-ion battery is removable and has a USB connection
  • Riding this e-bike is comfortable and safer
  • It’s designed with more attachments that are serviceable.


  • To some individuals, this e-bike could be expensive

2. NCM Milano Trekking E-Bike [Top Rated]


Some bikes come with a bulky battery case that can take up a lot of space, but the NCM Milano’s battery is designed to be integrated into the down tube, keeping its weight low and cantered, making it more stable during your ride. Additionally, this bike has a charging system to charge your device while riding on it, plus a built-in USB port. Just a one-time charge of the battery can power the bike up to 75 miles when in ECO mode.

This bike has a 250W rear-drive unit and is known for its power endurance and long-distance pedal assistance, with the ability to maintain 15.5mph for extended periods. Additionally, it comes with a compact motor centered in the rear hub, which doesn’t compromise maneuverability.

Besides, this bike also has big Schwalbe Ben tires, a Suntour suspension fork, an adjustable handlebar, Selle Royal ergonomic grips, and a saddle with a suspension post, which contributes to a comfortable ride over long distances. This popular Shimano Altus 7-speed rear derailleur ensures a smooth transmission.

The bike’s Das-Kit LCD is simple and stylish, and it provides you with all the information you need during your ride. Furthermore, it also allows you to change the battery’s power output and the motor’s pedal-assist level (with six levels).

The NCM Milano is designed to be fashionable while remaining functional and safe. It also has front and rear Spanninga lights that keep you and the road visible, while internally routed cables add to its sleek design. It also has a Mechanical Tektro disc brake with 160mm rotors and a motor inhibitor to keep you safe at all speeds.


  • This bike comes with a charging system that allows you to also charge your portable devices
  • It has a powerful patented das-kit x15 wheel hub motor
  • Its seat is comfortable and smooth when taking your ride
  • It comes with a manual that contains information about its control 
  • This bike is solid for more safety


  • This e-bike has no warranty 

3. NCM Prague E-Mountain Bike [Top Rated]


This type of bike weighs 25kg, including electronic components, and has all the handling qualities of a regular mountain bike. It also features a lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy frame that aids in transport.

Its electronic system also includes a Bafang 250W rear-drive motor, a DeHawk 468Wh battery, and a Das-Kit L6B LCD and controller. Each component has been carefully chosen to provide high-quality performance and allow the rider to reach 15.5mph easily. The display offers six levels of pedal assistance (or zero if you don’t want any help), and a range of up to 60 miles in Eco mode.

The most well-known name in MTB fork design is the Suntour XCT features a ‘preload’ setting that can be customized to the user’s weight and riding style, making it suitable for off-road and asphalt riding. This bike also comes with Schwalbe Smart Sam res that is engineered to provide superior grip and riding efficiency on all road surfaces and in all weather conditions.

The Shimano shifters and derailleurs keep your drivetrain smooth and responsive for a long time, while Tektro mechanical disc brakes keep you safe for the same amount of time.


  • This bike is sturdy and lightweight, making it easy to hand and transport
  • It has an optimized electric system that functions properly 
  • This bike has a smooth trail riding with Suntour and Schwalbe
  • Its component is of top confidence when taking your ride


  • This bike can’t be used by individuals weighing over 25kgs. 

4. ANCHEER Electric Bike


The ANCHEER Electric bike is undoubtedly the preeminent electric bike costing below $1,000 on Amazon, giving it the title “best electric bike under $1000.” This exceptional bike offers a slew of sophisticated features.

Its scooter’s long-range battery, super-convenient foldable form, and insanely fast speed are unquestionably the most remarkable features. This electric bike is a wonderful choice for anyone trying to go green—for individuals who wish to stop driving and do their part to rescue the environment in terms of reducing air pollution.

Besides, with this electric mountain bike, you can save on petrol, and you can go wherever you opt. It’s a versatile bike that you may use to ride through the city and the wooded paths. This is a wonderful alternative—26-inch wheels and superb disc brakes, making it an excellent bike model.

The setup will depend on what you’re aiming to achieve. For example, modest tweaks to the stem length/handlebar angle can result in noticeable comfort gains! The bike has an enormous capacity of 12.5 AH lithium-ion battery at the core of the bike, providing you with a range of up to 40 miles per charge. Besides, you can charge and discharge the bike whenever you want.

There is no need to worry about its efficiency because it comes with a one-year warranty on the electric motor, battery, and other parts, excluding the frame. Moreover, the bicycle comes with 85 percent of its features fixed—so you can quickly assemble the remaining pieces by yourself without a hassle.


  • It’s the best electric bike for less than a thousand dollars
  • It has a folding design for commuter fitness 
  • The bike is eco-friendly
  • This mountain bike comes with an extended range of battery
  • This model is adaptable to any situation as it can travel effortlessly on the road and in the woods on a gravel track due to the tread and tire type.
  • It comes with disc brakes on 26-inch rims


  • It has lesser folding quality features
  • This bike is heavy hence challenging to transport in case of a puncher
  • It is not easy to store this bike

5. NAKTO 26″


Many electric bikes in the market only ride in dry weather, which may be fine for some, but it’s highly inconvenient for most to have to walk in the rain instead. The Nakto 26 bike is an excellent waterproof alternative but limited to roads and paved trails. The waterproof motor and technology are the standout features of this alternative.


If you want to acquire an entirely waterproof bike, this is the most excellent electric bike with an affordable budget. Also, you can ride this bike in a cyclone. 


These electric bikes have a robust Carbon Steel Frame with its front fork is constructed of sturdy Carbon Steel and high comfort shock absorption. These types of bikes are comparatively low because of the direct consumer pricing—direct from the factory sale. 


This e-bike has a one-year warranty, and consumers can get free bike parts during the quality assurance period. The bike comes to you 95 percent assembled before shipment to avoid collisions and damage in transport; all that remains is to assemble the front wheel and handlebar. 


There is no free assembling service when you first buy these bikes. However, customers can select “Free Amazon Assembly Service” when choosing the delivery address. Furthermore, some companies also post many NAKTO EBIKE Assembly videos on YouTube to guide you through your assembling process.


Additionally, this bike has a front V-brake and a rear expansion brake, as well as a six-speed transmission system that allows you to select any speed that meets your demands. Also, it has excellent brakes to ensure your complete safety, not to mention a horn and a brilliant LED headlamp for nighttime riding.


  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It has a waterproof option
  • This bike can be used anywhere, whether in the rain or sunshine
  • It is relatively affordable


  • This bike has no folding feature
  • It is heavy during transportation 
  • It is hard to store

6. ANCHEER Electric Bike 27.5″


This is another fantastic electric bike designed by ANCHEER that some people refer to as the finest. This electric bike boasts wheels of 27 and a half inches in diameter, giving it a more luxurious appearance and a serene ride.


The e-bike tires feature a relatively aggressive stance and tread so that you may ride them along trails at your leisure. Plus, efficient 21-speed gears provide more range diversity and terrain adaptability. Even in rainy weather, the front and rear mechanical disc brakes deliver solid and progressive braking.


This bike comes with 85 percent of the parts readily set up. It’s not challenging to complete assembly on your own—ANCHEER SPORT has a video you can watch for more guidance. In addition, a third-party company affiliated with Amazon provides and charges for the assembling service on this page. If you cannot complete the task on your own, you can select a service.


With the available 500W high-speed brushless motor, you’ll have more than enough power for your daily commute, a mountain cruise, or a stroll down your favourite route. It will get you there quickly, with top speeds of up to 22 mph.


  • It is eco-friendly
  • It comes with a large wheel option 
  • It is super classy in appearance
  • Smooth ride during your travel
  • This bike is affordable
  • It has a long-lasting battery


  • This bike is heavy during transportation
  • It is difficult to store because of its large wheels.

7. eAhora AM100 Plus 


This is the most excellent electric mountain bike that is powerful and essential for speed enthusiasts. You’ll appreciate the 350W brushless motor and the 28MPH speed. It also has a huge capacity Samsung lithium battery that powers the motor—linked to the E-PAS system.


The electric bike also has a customizable Shimano 9-speed transmission mechanism. When the pedal-assist system (PAS) level is 0 / 1, and the speed surpasses 13mph, the battery’s E-PAS mechanism recharges. Additionally, the eAhora comes pre-assembled in 80 percent of its parts.


This electric bike is designed with a 6061 aluminium alloy frame, an air front suspension fork, and an adjustable preload to match weight and riding style for a superb riding experience. The E-PAS system is linked with the 350W ECO motor and intelligent controller. When the PAS level is 0 / 1, and the speed is exceeded, the E-PAS mechanism recharges the battery.


This mountain electric bicycle has an adjustable Shimano 9-speed transmission system that improves hill climbing capability, range variance, and terrain adaptation. AM100’s F/L Hydraulic Brakes provide a solid and responsive braking force, ensuring perfect control on various surfaces. You can set the appropriate speed for the duration of your excursion.

Moreover, it has an adjustable air suspension element and an enhanced suspension fork with lockout and preload adjustment. Preload adjustment helps to match weight and riding style, extend service life and improve shock absorption. 

The highest seat height to the ground of 1030mm, and the telescopic stem make this electric bicycle suitable for many riders—giving you the ultimate off-road experience when riding in the hills.


  • It is an electric bike with full air suspension
  • It has a Shimano 9-speed transmission setup
  • It is simple to remove, maybe secured, and recharged at home or the workplace.
  • Ascending the mountain provides more power than a standard 48V motor, giving you incredible speed, freedom, and pleasure.
  • With this smart display, you can choose between three Ebike modes based on your needs at any time and from any location.


  • It takes longer when charging. 
  • Their rear brake is mushy as if there’s air in the system.

8. eAhora X5 Plus


This electric bike has the trendiest 20” folding design that will appeal to you. There’s also a front fork made of aluminum alloy that absorbs shocks and 4.0 big tires. The bicycle is relatively pleasant to sit in and has excellent shock absorption, puncture resistance, and wear resistance.


Its high-efficiency motors can significantly increase driving range while lowering energy consumption. Besides, It can achieve speeds of more than 28 mph due to the existence of a 500-watt engine. The bike also has waterproof, anti-theft, and dustproof to keep you safe when riding hard. Furthermore, the e-bike can accommodate riders weighing up to 330 pounds. But that’s not all—this e-bike also has a 7-speed transmission and comes in four different colors.


It has a battery life of 48V 10.4A with dependable imported high-density Samsung lithium Cells. You can lock, remove, and recharge the battery while at home or the workplace—charging time is approximately 4-5 hours. To safeguard the battery, turn off the power immediately once it has been fully charged. Over 1000 circles are being recharged and allowing for up to 50 miles of supported travel per charge.


The eAhora is a solid and affordable all-terrain e-bike with a folding frame, an excellent front alloy suspension, high strength, and corrosion resistance. It’s also made of anti-puncture and anti-slip 20″*4.0 Fat Tires. Furthermore, its shock-absorbent equipment and all-terrain tires allow you to travel freely on uneven roads. The eAhora custom fenders and rear rack are also included, and you can easily fold and store the bike in a corner, trunk, or RV. 


  • This bike can hold individuals weighing up to 330 lbs
  • It is affordable 
  • It comes with shock-absorption
  • This bike has seven speeds
  • It is waterproof
  • It has large tires that can ride in muddy areas
  • This bike is made from anti-theft technology


  • This bike is not an option for the majority compared to other e-bikes.

9. NAKTO 26″/22″ Waterproof


A 250W motor powers this incredible bike. You can easily switch between three modes and travel up to 25-35 miles on a single charge. It comes with upgraded V-Fork brakes, which aid in your safety while taking a ride. Additionally, this bike has six different gears making it one of the best choices for fun while also exercising. This bike also comes with a manual, a charger, and a 12-month warranty when you purchase it for the first time. 


This 2020-Newest NAKTO electric bike comes with everything you need to enjoy a leisurely cycle while also providing the luxury of comfort and convenience. It has six-speed Revoshift gears and quick-change gears. For easier recharging, the battery is quick release, and the saddle is tilted. Furthermore, you can easily switch between three modes and travel up to 25-35 miles on a single charge.


Additionally, this bike comes with all-terrain tyres and an integrated metal complete chain and mudguards that provide all-weather protection, making longer journeys easier. It also has a bespoke, sculpted saddle that offers supreme comfort with high-quality gears ensuring a smooth ride. The brakes on the V-Fork have been upgraded for efficient functioning. This bike also has mudguards in the front and rear, which helps to keep you clean when cycling in muddy places.


The NAKTO 26″/22″ also comes with a selectable pedal-assist or variable speed throttle for hours of fun. Alternatively, you can turn off the power assist and cycle normally as you would on any other bike. Combining two modes would be a better option when using this bike.


  • When using this bike, you can effortlessly switch between three modes and travel up to 25-35 miles in an hour.
  • It is designed with six-speed revoshift gears and quick change gears
  • It comes with supreme comfort with a bespoke, sculpted saddle for comfortability 
  • It has quality gears for safe cycling
  • This bike is suitable for long the ride and exercise
  • This bike comes with a full 12-month warranty from the time you purchase it


  • It is expensive compared to other e-bikes. 

10. RINKMO Electric Bike


The Rinkmo Folding Electric Mountain Bike is an e-bike with a lot going for it. It is effortless to assemble, folds up for easy storage, and is designed to accommodate people of all sizes. This bike is a sturdy mode of transportation, and it’s also simple to maintain.


This electric bike comes fully constructed, with ergonomic handlebars, an adjustable seat, twin disc brakes, and anti-slip and wear-resistant tires. Additionally, it has a smart button on the meter, which helps in increasing the speeds. And night riding is made possible by the bright LED adaptive headlights and horns.


This electric mountain bike has a 350W high-speed brushless motor with a top speed of 20 mph, which is stronger than a 250W motor, has enough power for your daily commute, a mountain cruise, or a stroll down your favorite path. Furthermore, the RINKMO Electric Bike has a 21-speed transmission system that allows you to adjust the appropriate speed to complete your journey.


Both the front and rear wheels are made of Magnesium Alloy. The integrated 6-spoke wheels are lighter than aluminum but more durable. This e-bike also has an aluminum alloy frame for quick folding and easy storage in the trunk of your car. Additionally, premium comfort double shock absorption is included making your ride a breeze.


With the LED 5-speed smart meter button, you can select the electric-assist power based on your needs for an e-bike, an assisted bicycle, or a regular bicycle.


  • It is easy to assemble this time-saving. 
  • This bike has a large holding capacity as it comes with a removable battery, which creates space for fat people 
  • It has a more robust upgrade  350w engine for faster speed
  • This bike has integrated magnesium wheels which are foldable, increasing your fitness while riding
  • This bike comes with three working modes 


  • No notable cons from past customer reviews. 

11. OppsDecor Folding E-Bike


This is the eighth bike on this list, and you can get it at a low price of $640. Despite being powered by a simple 250W motor, this bike achieves a range of 15.5 miles in e-bike mode and 31 miles in assisted pedalling mode. Furthermore, it has dependable wheels that you can handle any season, and you’ve got yourself a ride that’s ready to go.


This e-Bike is equipped with a 36V/8AH lithium battery that ranges from 25km/15.5mile (E-Bike Mode) to 50km/31 mile (Assisted Mode). Additionally, you can find the spare battery in any local market near you at an affordable price. The battery is also outfitted with a smart lithium battery charger for quick charging (4-6 hrs). That’s not all—this folding electric mountain bike is made of lightweight yet strong aluminium, making it easy to store. It is more convenient to bring it with you on trips and travel.


Furthermore, this bike has mechanical disc brakes on both the front and rear axles and a 21-speed professional transmission system. It also has an excellent climbing ability when riding in hilly places. The night-riding LED headlamp and horn are included in this bike to ensure your safety while riding in the dark. 


  • This bike comes with a large lithium battery capacity which lasts longer. 
  • The bike has a foldable design which improves the commuter’s fitness.
  • It has a brake and engine system.
  • The bike has ultra-strong wheels, which help in steering it properly.
  • It also has three working modes. 


  • This bike can be expensive for those who want it for recreation purposes.

Having walked you through different types of bikes in this post, you are now well equipped with all features you require for your e-bike. So, now it’s time for you to decide which bike is best for you. In our opinion, we believe that the Ancheer 26″ mountain e-bike, priced in the mid-range, is an excellent introduction to the world of electric bicycles. However, you can choose your best e-bike from this list based on your tastes and preferences.

Electric Bike FAQS

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

Many people perceive electric bikes as smaller scooters or motorcycles, but that’s not the case. Electric bikes don’t have a full-blown electric engine—what they have is a pedal assistant that simplifies your riding experience. 

In other words, electric bikes assist bike riding enthusiasts to peddle easily and quickly without using up a lot of energy. However, the peddle assistant won’t help you pedal the entire time—instead, your bike’s motor will take over when your speed drops below a specific level. 

Likewise, your electric bike motor will cut out when the speed goes past a specific level. In other words, your peddle assistant won’t ever go past the 27.5 km/hr speeds. However, the good news is that some e-bikes come with a throttle, so you will never peddle. Some e-bikes also come with both a throttle and a peddle system, so you’ll have to choose that best suits you. 

The Different Types of E-Bikes Available 

1. Pedal Assist 

A pedal assistant electric bike is a type of bike that requires the user to pedal. It almost works the same way as the traditional bicycle—except that the pedal-assist bike will sense that you’re pedaling and enhance your pedaling effort. 

This bike type is one of the best, especially for those looking to get out and exercise while also having the best riding experience. The pedal e-bike may or may not come with a throttle, so you’ll have to be a little keener to make sure you’re buying the right bike. 

2. Throttle Only 

A Throttle Only electric bike is that which comes with a throttle motor. On these bikes, you will never have to pedal to take advantage of the motor. Instead, you’ll just have to crank your throttle, and off you’ll be going. Furthermore, these e-bikes will allow you to accelerate even in corners, this more traction. And it’s important to note that the less you pedal, the faster your battery will run out. 

3. Pedal Assist 28mph

The pedal assists 28 mph is the fastest legal electric bike that has ever existed. It’s still a bicycle, but you won’t require any license plate or driver’s license to ride this bike. However, you’ll be required to have a helmet on while pedaling. That said, this bike is best suited for people commuting daily and would want to get to their destination fast. 

What Electric Bike Technology Should I Get? 

Because new electric bikes have rapidly developed, choosing the best e-bike can be one of your biggest nightmares. However, you don’t need to worry because only two recommended e-bikes you can opt for. These two are very reliable and efficient to take your biking experience to a whole new level. 

1. Rear Hub Drive Motors

You’ll find two rear hub drive motors for e-bikes, namely: 

  • Direct Drive—This is the perfect motor when you need higher speeds, you need to climb mountains, or you want to go on steep hills.
  • Geared Hub—If you want to carry heavy items, especially steep hills, the geared hub should be at the top of your priorities. It’s also best for exercising, commuting, and general biking experience. 

2. Mid Drive Motors

The mid-drive motors are best if you’re looking for e-bike motors with the most extended ranges. They’re all-around e-bikes and can be used on hills for commuting and exercise. 

Due to its lightweight nature, the mid-drive motor comes with a better center of gravity to give you the best biking experience. However, this motor also comes with some limitations. For example, it’s a bit more expensive than the hub motor, though, rest assured you’ll get value for your money. 

Electronic Bike Options in the Market 

If you’ll be looking for a new e-bike anytime soon, then the best thing to do is window shop, just as you’d do when looking for a regular bike. Once you have identified your perfect match, you’ll have a list of features that will best suit you, and everything else will fall into place. 


In other words, identifying your most preferred e-bike is almost a guarantee that it’ll have the best motor for whatever use you’ll subject it to. That said, below are some of the e-bike options you can choose from for the best e-bike experience. 

1. Comfort or Cruiser

A Comfort bike is designed specifically for bike enthusiasts looking for fun and a bit of comfort. This bike allows you to sit upright with a comfortable saddle that’s well-positioned to give you the best viewing experience as you ride. Besides, this bike is a perfect choice if you’d want to exercise regularly. 

The comfort bike features two styles of frames: the step-through frame and the conventional diamond-shaped frame. The step-through frame enhances your getting on and off your bike. In other words, you’ll never have to lift your legs high when getting on your bike. That said, this bike is a perfect one for those handicapped. 

2. Hybrid or Commuter

And here comes the commuter bike type that can cover longer distances and enable you to get to your destination quickly. The hybrid or commuter electric bike is perfect for those commuting to work, those who’d just want to get to town fast, or workout enthusiasts. 

You’ll be relieved from the constant hassle of either having to pay for a parking space or finding one (if you’d have a car instead.) And the best of all is that the commuter e-bike comes with a section where you can carry your laptop or groceries if you go shopping in town. 

Even better, a few models of this e-bike type come with an integrated light system, so you’re safe, even if you’ll be riding when it’s dark.

3. Mountain or Off-road

The off-road or mountain bikes are specifically designed for people who’d want to ride on trails. They’re super fast and efficient than conventional bicycles. People love these bikes because they can climb mountains or hills while using less effort. 

Mountain bikes were designed to take your biking experience to a whole new level, with lots of fun and enjoyable moments. The motor and its battery are well-positioned so that you have better stability and have more control as you ride to wherever you’ll be riding to. You can ride on this bike with your spouse, friends, and even relatives for an even better biking experience. 

What Should I Look for When Buying an Electric Bike? 

1. Purpose

The first thing to consider is yourself; why are you purchasing your e-bike? For example, do you live in an apartment where you’ll have to lift your bike every time you’re climbing the stairs? Or do you live in a remote area where you’ll need to go off-road? 

Electric bikes are excellent options, especially if you’ll be commuting or relying on them when going shopping. E-bikes have carrying areas, so you can carry your laptop when commuting to work or groceries if you went shopping in town. If you’d want to carry your kids, there’s an option to go for an electric cargo bike. 

If you’re going out for a leisure biking experience, you’ll need to consider the weight and the battery range. In other words, the choice of e-bike you purchase depends on your tastes and preferences. 

2. Battery Size And Power

E-bikes need different battery versions (lithium-ion batteries). You can charge these lightweight batteries making them a perfect match for electric bikes. 

You can attach e-bike batteries in various positions, and usually, most e-bikes have their batteries installed around the down tube, where you can access and remove them if need be. 

In some cases, the battery is attached at the rear rack top like the Lime rental bike in the early days. 

For more expensive bike models, you’ll find the battery attached to the downtube, usually located at the bottom bracket or even in the seat post. While this makes it have a better finish, you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets. 

If you’re considering the battery size, look for a battery size within your budget range. The battery capacity should be in Watts per hour. Depending on the watts per hour, you could also calculate the battery size and power you need. 

3. Range

There are minimal chances that your battery will run out in the middle of your journey because, most of the time, you’ll start your trip when the battery is fully charged. However, it’s still essential to consider the range when buying an electric bike. 

You’ll recharge your battery less if you have a longer range. For example, if you buy a bike with a three-hundred motor and get it with a 300wh battery, then your battery will drain in an hour or even less. 

Besides, there are various variables. First, you’ll never have your battery running at full power all the time because the chances are that you’ll always use multiple modes. Some come with eco modes for longevity. And finally, you should also consider your terrain, weather, and weight when choosing the best bike range. 

4. Weight

If you want to understand the weight impact, you’ll have to consider your bike’s intended use and how you’ll be riding it once you have purchased it. 

Even though an extra motor assistant will help, the weight will still play a significant role. If you just want a bike you’ll use to participate in group rides or planning to climb the hills with your new e-bike, you’ll need a lightweight bike. After all, who’d want to be dragged behind in competition due to weight? 

Your bike weight will always have an impact when you’re not riding. For example, you’ll feel the impact of your bike weight if you want to cart your bike up to your apartment stairs. 

And because the e-bike industry has been growing over the years, there are lots of other bike elements added, increasing their weight. It’s, therefore, best to window shop in any of your favorite e-bike shops and gets the feel of their weight before you buy. 

5. Price

E-bikes are no longer being considered a luxury like before, so their prices have come down lately. For example, if you’re looking for an entry commuter e-bike, $1000 could just be enough to get you your dream bike. 

And you’ll have to understand that the bike prices are dictated by how much you’ll be using your new electric bike. Mountain top-end bikes are built with top-quality materials and will cost you more, even though they enhance their performance.

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