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If your search for the best ebike brands has led to you Riese Muller, you’re in the right direction because it is indeed one of the leading electric bike manufacturers in the world. To know further about their products and whether you should get their ebikes, take a few minutes to read this detailed review.

About Riese Muller:

Riese Muller has been a leading innovator in the electric bike space. The company was established in 1993 by two engineers, and in a very short time, it grew up to be an international bicycle brand. After years of hard work and consistent quality deliverance, they stepped into the ebike space and became the leading manufacturer within a year. 

Today, they sell a huge range of ebikes around the globe and are known for the quality, precise engineering and performance of their electric bikes.


Like most ebike manufacturers in Europe, Riese Muller also uses Bosch-powered motors in all of its electric bikes. However, they go an extra step and use more than one type of Bosch motor depending on the riding purpose. For instance, they use the Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 motor for their sporty and high-performance ebikes.

For cargo ebikes, they use the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Gen4 motor, and for those looking for a balance of off-road and urban riding, Riese Muller leverages Bosch Performance Line Gen3 motor. The gist is, no matter the type of ebike and its practical use, Riese Muller prioritizes quality by using Bosch motors.


Riese Muller goes with Bosch in this category as well. They leverage different types of Bosch-powered batteries depending on the ebike model. The types of batteries used are:

  • PowerPack 500: With a 500Wh capacity, this battery goes right on the frame of the ebike. It takes around 3 hours to fully charge if a 6A fast charger is used.
  • PowerPack 500 Rack: Exactly the same as the above battery but instead of the frame, it goes on the rack.
  • PowerTube 500: This one is integrated into the frame and has a 500Wh capacity. It also takes 3 hours to fully charge with a 6A fast charger.
  • PowerTube 625: You’ve guessed it, this one has 625Wh capacity, and it goes in the frame. It takes about 3.7 hours to fully charge with a 6A fast charger.

Riese Muller doesn’t stop on these batteries; it leverages Dual Battery technology as well. In fact, it is the first ebike manufacturer to use the DualBattery by Bosch that has a whopping 1250Wh capacity, meaning two batteries of 625Wh are adjoined in a parallel way.


Riese Muller didn’t hold back in the design department as well. They’ve launched several sleek, performance-oriented and fun-to-ride ebike variants. Different models come with different frames, handlebars, tires and seat positioning for better performance and practicality.

For instance, their Cargo line has a massive frame extending out from the handlebar that ends at the front tire and has a space of seating up to three children. 

Furthermore, their Roadster variant doesn’t come with any seating space for a 2nd person, while the Multicharger has a second seat on top of the rear wheel. 

The gist is, depending on your need, you can select the ebike along with components ranging from tires, seats, cargo space, headlights, rear lights, handlebars, and more for a better riding experience.

Display & Information:

Once again, Riese Muller has equipped all of its ebikes with Bosch display devices. There’s a decent range of display units depending on the type of ebike you purchase. Some of them are:

  • Bosch Intuvia: Get the perfect view of your activities and metrics on an LCD display, including ride time, total mileage, range, battery status, speed, time, average speed, motor power and more. There’s also a remote mounted on the handlebar that allows you to control pedal frequency.
  • Bosch Purion: Sleek design combines all activities and metrics into a single screen. Unlike the Intuvia, the power mode can be switched from the + and – buttons on the device.
  • Kiox Display: Specially made for performance-centred riders, the Kiox unit offers perfect control and includes several training modes along with all metrics in the above two devices. You can even pair external devices like heart rate monitors via Bluetooth. Furthermore, it has Gorilla Glass that’s scratch resistant and offers a clear display in the sunlight. The best part of this device is its map-free navigation when connected via a smartphone.
  • Bosch Nyon: It has an HD coloured display and touch panel that you can use to view all the metrics and switch between power modes. It’s basically a small computer that’s made to improve your riding experience.

Besides these, Riese Muller also uses Bosch Smartphone Hub, where you can turn your Android or iOS phone into a display device for your ebike and view all the data, metrics and navigation via an app.

Range of Bikes:

There’s a HUGE range of ebikes to choose from. Riese Muller has over 20 ebike lines, with each having its own models, taking the range of pedelecs to well-over 50 models in total. 

From performance to cargo and casual, you can get an electronic bike for every kind of use.

Who Should Consider Getting Riese Muller?

  • Those who prefer products that are made from Bosch’s technology
  • Those looking to have a massive selection of ebikes to choose from
  • Those who like to have the freedom to customize their ebikes with different components

Who Should Look the Other Way?

  • The Riese Muller ebikes are not for the low budget buyers. They are awfully expensive, and only people who know their stuff should consider getting these
  • If you need components from a company other than Bosch, you should look at other ebike manufacturers

Bottom Line:

There is not a shred of doubt about the build quality, durability, features and performance of the Riese Muller ebikes. They check every mark in the list of features that a modern electronic bike should have. 

However, they do have a very hefty price tag, which is why, if you’re new to ebiking, we suggest looking for cheaper options. 

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