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Electric bikes have become a norm, especially in European countries, and with increased awareness about environment pollution due to carbon emission, more people are adopting the ebiking lifestyle. If you also want to get one but are unsure whether Peugeot is the brand you should consider, then read this detailed review until the end. 

About Peugeot:

Established in 1810, Peugeot is a French automobile brand by Stellantis. It started as a family business and initially was a steel foundry that made kitchen equipment and hand tools. However, they transitioned to manufacturing bicycles in 1858. 

The company developed its first car, a steam tricycle, in 1889 and continued making bicycles and cars for a long time.

Peugeot moved towards electric bicycle manufacturing in 2009 and has put out a wide range of durable and efficient ebikes since then.


Peugeot is not very consistent with motor selection in its ebikes, which is not necessarily bad because you can have an excellent variety to choose from. Although they mostly rely on Bosch powered motors, including their Active Plus and Performance CX motors, you’ll also find E-Going Motor in some variants as well.

For heavy usage, like off-roading and trekking, we’d suggest you explore their Bosch powered ebikes, but if you need something easy-going and casual, like for city riding, E-Going Motor is also a great option.


Just like the motor, the battery choice also varies with the Peugeot ebikes. In some models, they’ve added Phylion batteries, some have Bosch powered batteries, while some leverage the E-Going batteries. 

Again, it’s good to have a variety to choose from, but we don’t get why they didn’t add more powerful batteries? The max power capacity for most of their ebikes is around 400Wh, which is still a good choice.

However, we believe it could’ve been stretched to at least 500Wh. 


Starting from the wheels, for most of their ebikes, Peugeot has gone with 20” to 30” wheel sizes that seem to be the popular choice among many ebike manufacturers. The smaller their ebike is, the smaller its tires are, and that means the lesser the speed is going to be. Therefore, their ebikes are primarily built for urban riding.

When it comes to frames, all ebikes are made with sturdy Aluminium material but keep in mind; they’re going to be hollow from the inside, like most ebikes. However, the construction is very sturdy, and this hollowness significantly reduces the weight of the ebike. The stems, handlebars and seat posts are also made of aluminium. 

One thing that makes Peugeot a tough contender in the electric bike market is its foldable ebikes. Some models are so compact and lightweight that you can easily fold them and put inside your car’s trunk, like the eF01.

Display & Information:

Depending on the model you purchase, there’s going to be one of three display types; basic LCD display, LED + USB display and touch panel LED display. Some of the Peugeot ebikes also come with a Bosch Purion display. 

The USB port with a Led display is pretty useful if you want to top up your mobile battery on your way to the office.  

As for the information, you will see battery indication and power assistance modes. You can switch between power modes using the display panel on the go.

Range of Bikes:

Peugeot has got a HUGE range of electric bikes listed on their website. They have well over 10 lines, with each line having several sub-models. They also have some standalone models like the eLC01, eF01, eF02, eM03, and eFB01, to name a few.

The gist is, you can find almost all kinds of electric bikes for regular use on their website. However, for heavy performance and off-road riding, there are several other better options out there. 

Who Should Consider Getting Peugeot eBikes?

  • Those looking for day to day riding in the city
  • Those who need something lightweight and compact
  • Those who want to explore a wide variety of ebikes from the same manufacturer before buying any one

Who Should Look the Other Way?

  • Budget buyers because the Peugeot ebikes are not very light on the pockets
  • Those who need robust and powerful electric bikes that climb steep hills or ride through rough terrain without a problem
  • Those who need a wide range of features in their electric bike’s display, including range meter, speed monitoring and activity tracking

Bottom Line:

We would not recommend getting the Peugeot ebike before you’ve explored products from other manufacturers, especially Bosch. Yes, there can be some things that you may find better about Peugeot than others, and in that case, going for it might be best for you. However, they are charging very hefty prices for their ebikes, which significantly brings down the price to value ratio.

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