NuVinci brought a revolution to the cycling space with its Stepless Shifting, allowing the riders to shift gears like they’re adjusting radio volume – literally! The days of struggling with the gear-changing mechanism and ending up with locked or skipped gears are long gone. No more creaking chainrings either! Optimized by the genius engineers at NuVinci, the innovative Transmission system makes for a perfectly smooth and relaxed ride. Now, the shifting from one gear to another is completely stepless; it’s just like changing radio channels by twisting your wrist a little bit. 

The guys at NuVinci have gone out of their way to design an eBike range equipped with technology that’s made to help the rider concentrate more on the road and less on operating the bike itself. For instance, looking out for incoming traffic, passengers, and road hazards or just taking in the beauty of surroundings, especially when riding through the countryside. 

With the latest Harmony™ system by NuVinci, riding an ebike will get a whole lot easier and comfortable for you. You can choose how fast or slow you’d like to push the pedal, and the internal motor will do the rest. As a result, you can maintain a steady pace as per your ability to pedal, regardless of varying wind conditions or inclines. Moreover, the Harmony system starts with a low-gear ratio, making it incredibly easy for you to pedal after stopping the bike.

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