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Want to make a switch to energy-efficient best ebikes from the traditional ones? Or maybe you are already an ebike enthusiast and looking for something more robust? Well, this Gepida review is just what you need to find your next best pedelec. 

By the end of this detailed review, you’ll have a clear idea of whether to bring a Gepida home or look the other way. So that being said, let’s dive right in.

About Gepida:

Established in 1993 in Budapest, Hungary, Gedipa is a premium European bicycle brand that made its way into the e-bike space in early 2008. Initially, the founder of Gepida used to import bicycles from Italy, but then he had a change of mind and started producing his own products.

They designed and manufactured their own electric drive systems with rack battery and hub motor initially. But later on, started using Bosch’s motors in 2012. The company is big on maintaining the quality and reliability of products, which is why their ebikes last a very long time. Furthermore, they’re the only company in Europe that produces electric tandem bicycles. 


Gepida has always been one of the few ebike companies that take the electric components of its bikes very seriously. This is the reason they’ve fitted a powerful Gen 3 motor from the one and only; Bosch. 

The best part of the Gen 3 motor is it comes with standard-sized chainrings and doesn’t have the draggy effect that we saw in the earlier motors from Bosch. Although most of the models come with Gen3 motor by Bosch, a few ebikes from Gepida also come equipped with the Drive System by Bafang.


Gedipa provides its customers with a wide selection of batteries. Although the standard version has a 500w battery, which you’ll find on most models, there are also variants with 200Wh, 400 Wh, 625Wh, and 1000Wh capacities.

A typical 500Wh battery can get you anywhere from 45km to 60km depending on the terrain condition, and rider and luggage weight. However, if you’re going for a longer ride, you can always keep a spare battery with you and change it on the go. Just be sure to conceal it properly to protect it from environmental elements.


The design of most Gepida bikes is mountain bike-like, meaning it’s a little forward than a regular step-through ebike. This means you may get a better riding experience when trailing rather than a day-to-day commute. 

However, there are several on-the-road use models available on their website as well, specially designed for a city commute. You also get frame colour options, battery placement (on frame or rack), and with or without mudguard preference with most Gepida ebikes.

Display & Information:

Gepida ebikes come with a digital display meter that’s pretty straightforward and offers information on the following metrics:

  • Battery level
  • Power Mode
  • Range
  • Assist Level
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time & Odometer
  • Distance & Trip Time

You can adjust the Odometer’s reading to match your GPS for more precise results. Furthermore, the range estimator is incredibly useful as it tells you how many KMs you can ride before your battery runs out in different riding modes.

Range of Bikes:

This is where Gepida shines because they’ve got a MASSIVE range of ebikes available on their website. With over 30 models listed, you can find any kind of ebike you want, ranging from touring to cargo and on-road riding variants. 

Even though they’ve got a huge variety, we’ve seen their Fastida model selling like hotcakes. Their Thoris XT10 (a mid-drive tandem) is also very popular, mostly among couples who enjoy riding through the ebbs and flows of smooth Aussie roads together. 

Who Should Consider Getting Gepida eBikes?

  • Those who want an ebike that offers a blend of urban and trail features without compromising ride quality
  • Those looking for an ebike that’s equipped with only must-have features and nothing more to interrupt their peaceful riding experience
  • If you need the robust Bosch-powered Drive system

Who Should Look the Other Way?

  • Those looking for something to only have an urban commute – no trailing
  • Need something laid back than the mountain-bike kind of style

Parting Words:

Gepida has a range of excellent ebikes with powerful motors, handy batteries and durable frames. However, they’re more focused on trailing and off-roading. 

Although you won’t have any problems riding them through the roads and streets, if you’re looking for something solely for urban riding, Gepida has a very limited range for that as well. 

So make sure to consider these things and check out their City – Urban E-bike range and their features before pulling the trigger on any model.

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