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Bosch eBike Australia | Bosch eBike Service Centre Australia

bosch ebike australia



The Bosch eBike Systems Service Agency is operated in Australia by the eurocycles team

This system of aftersales support provides purchasers of Bosch-powered pedelec electric bikes with world-class support and assurance provided in Europe and North America, no matter what brand of electric bicycle you have. Eurocycles as the Service Partner for Bosch Ebike Systems in Australia operates a service hotline, which is available to all bike shops throughout Australia, to provide advice, diagnostic services, warranty service and access to its full inventory of Bosch spare parts and accessories.


If you need support for your Bosch eBike, contact your place of purchase or local bike shop. They will then contact the Service Centre on your behalf to undertake all necessary checks, service or repairs to get you back on the road fast. The Bosch Service Centre Hotline Number is 1300 300 046 or email.



The Bosch eBike Systems supported by the Bosch eBikes System Service Centre

Tailwind instead of a headwind

Whether it’s hauling your kids to and from school, tackling a long trip to work over monstrous hills, or blazing a trail on your own outdoor adventure, a Bosch-powered eBike is the cutting-edge cycling technology to make your dream ride happen. With the drive system developed by Bosch eBike Systems, steep becomes flatter, distant becomes closer, long becomes shorter, and fast becomes easier.

Pedal support for every situation

Pedal-assist eBikes today embody technology that is powerful, reliable and useful, but still preserves the healthy human element of cycling and all the physical and social benefits cycling entails. Bosch’s Drive Unit engages only when pedaled, and riders can set the level of assistance the electric motor provides, enabling the rider to maintain a comfortable riding speed with less physical effort.

Your mobility is our drive

In the world of Bosch eBike Systems, the focus is on you and your cycling journey. With every new eBike innovation, we design every enhancement to optimize your ride, and we strive to be the undisputed leader in every category of performance. In everything we do, our goal is to provide the right system for your riding enjoyment.

Welcome to a new era of mobility – for commuters, athletes, enthusiasts, trailblazers, and everyone for which an active life and the environment are near and dear.

Performance Line - power when it is needed most

In the flow through the city or on challenging trails – the Performance Line makes eBikers into explorers and adventurers. The powerful drive provides the right power at the right moment. The result: even more fun while eBiking.

The highlights at a glance

More power:
  Dynamic riding in mountainous areas and on the level

Higher torque:
  60 Newton meters for powerful acceleration

Award winner:
  Ergonomic system recognized with the Red Dot Award for Product Design

Sporty riding, gently shifting:
  Precise and direct gear changes for sporty shifting without delay

Compact and lightweight:

  • Modern design
  • The optimal integration of the Drive Unit in the frame provides more ground clearance
  • Reduced volume for easy propulsion, low Q factor for athletic eBikers

Quiet and durable:

  • Precise motor control, fast processing of the sensor signals, low noise and vibration
  • Secure chain run prevents disengagement of the chain, improper loading, and premature wear

3-sensor concept:
  Records torque, cadence, and speed in real time (1000 measurements per second) for powerful starting uphill and in rough terrain

  Rugged due to integrated rock and splash water protection





Performance Line CX - experience uphill flow


The new Performance Line CX not only ensures significantly more powerful acceleration off road; it is all the more convincing on alpine trails, thanks to the optimized Drive Unit and innovative technology. Discover the ultimate uphill flow and set ever higher goals for yourself on the way to the summit.

The highlights at a glance

Maximum momentum:
  Lasting and powerful – up to high speeds with continuous maximum torque (75 Nm).

Direct flow:
  Small revolution, big impact! Foot on the pedal and directly into the flow underway. Power out of the curve even at 20 rpm.

Trail control:  Always with the right support level (50–300%) in steep terrain on the go – through the dynamic power control that is typical for Bosch.

eMTB-designed:  High-quality ISIS interface and minimum Q factor; trail control and gear change control are gentle on the chain and cassette.

Active Line - always relaxed on the go

Individual, versatile, modern – with optimal range: The strong drive makes the pedelec into a smart everyday companion. Whether to the movies, into the countryside, or to dining with friends around the corner – with the Active Line you get to your destination faster but above all more relaxed.

  Perfectly metered support with every turn of the pedal for tours and more mobility in everyday life up to a maximum of 25 km/h.

Award winner:
  Ergonomic eBike system recognized with the Red Dot Award for Product Design.

  The ideal system for recreational eBikers, with optional backpedal function.

  The Active Line is now available with the all-in-one on-board computer Nyon.

Three sensors, a thousand measurements, unique riding comfort: 
 Three sensors for pedaling power, cadence, and speed ensure an optimum balance of forces with 1000 measurements per second. You receive perfectly coordinated, harmonious riding support at all times.

Even more comfort:
  Gear shift detection – The adjusted torque during gear shifting takes stress off the components, reduces wear, and ensures that you hardly notice the shifting. Backpedal function – If desired, the Active Line is also available with a convenient backpedal function.

Quiet, durable, and rugged:
  Precise motor control and fast processing of the sensor signals for a minimum of noise and vibration. The improved chain guidance prevents the chain from being derailed and excessively stressed and reduces wear. In addition, the Drive Unit is extremely sturdy thanks to the integrated rock and spray water protection.