New for 2017, Bosch ebike systems is introducing a dual battery system, the ‘DualBat’ that will allow you to at least double the range of your ebike.

Using a Y-battery harness, two batteries may be fitted to the system. So two 400WH batteries will supply 800WH, a 400+500WH will provide 900WH, and two 500WH batteries will provide a whopping 1000WHs. This is ideal for touring, long commutes and for commercial purposes such as for cargo bikes. The system can support the use of two frame batteries (see example below of Riese&Muller DELITE GT) or a frame + rack battery configuration (see example below of the Gepida CARGO bike).

The Riese&Muller DELITE GT, touring dual-suspension with DualBat on the frame

It is not necessary for both batteries to be installed in the system to operate, a single battery with enough charge is sufficient. Bosch have produced a pin cover to protect the contact pins of the battery cradle not being used. When two batteries are fitted, the system draws current from each battery in repeating sequences, ensuring a similar depletion rate for both batteries.

To charge two batteries when fitted to a bike, it is critical that only 1 charger be connected to the system. To prevent a second charger from being fitted, a blanking plug and a warning sticker are fitted to one of the two charge ports. This is done at the factory.  If you need to charge both batteries quickly and you have a second charger, simply remove one of the batteries from the bike and charge separately.

The Gepida CARGO, a commercial workhorse with DualBat on frame+rack

The DualBattery system is only available as a factory fit integration from select ebike manufacturers and cannot be retrofitted later as an aftermarket option.

For more information on the DualBat system or for models featuring the DualBat option, please email us.