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Andersen-Shopper eBike Trailer and Trolley

If you’ve got an ebike but nothing to move your heavy gear or groceries around, you need special trailers and trollies that can be connected to your handy pedelec. Andersen-Shopper makes the best shoppers and transport carts/trailers for ebikes; read on to know more. 

Product Range:

No one comes close to Andersen-Shopper in the whole of Europe when it comes to the variety of shoppers, trailers, trolleys and transport carts. Some of their main product types are:

  • Shopper Bags: from simple shopping bags to highly customized designer shopping bags with features like reflectors, you’ll find a massive range of shoppers at Andersen-Shopper.
  • Suitcases: Again, there’s a wide variety of suitcases at Andersen-Shopper. However, these cases can be fixed at the back of your ebike as they have tires at the bottom. 
  • eBike Trailers: They sell steel tubular design trailers with complimentary foldable plastic boxes that can attach to the back of your ebike and carry your stuff like groceries.
  • eBike Trolleys: The giant steel construction trolleys can be attached at the back of your ebike, and heavyweight or big/irregular sized items can be secured on them.

Andersen-Shopper produces a vast range of products. However, every category has tons of subcategories that can make anyone’s head spin if they don’t know what to buy.

For eBikes:

Andersen-Shopper has an eBike shopper, trailer and trolley range that can be attached at the back of your pedelec and dragged around the roads without a problem. 

Whether you need to move a heavy load, go grocery shopping or venture into the wilderness with camping gear, the trailers and trolleys will be the best-suited attachments to your ebike.

Quality & Durability:

The trailers and trolleys are made with solid steel and aluminium frames based on the model you go with. Similarly, the load capacity ranges from 30kg to 60kg, which is A LOT to be dragged singlehandedly on your trusty ebike. 

The tires are removable, so you can easily change them into something sturdier if you expect the terrain to be rugged.  

Convenience & Ease of Use:

Both the trolleys and trailers by Andersen-Shopper are incredibly easy to use. They come with a locks that can be secured into the coupling mechanism of your ebike’s rear rack. 

If your bike doesn’t have an attachment mechanism, you can purchase the coupling off of Andersen-Shopper’s website as well.

Parting Words:

The company is known to be the leading bags, shoppers, trolleys and trailers maker for ebikes and bicycles, and the best part is, their products are not that expensive either. 

So if you need something to do the heavy lifting while you ride against the wind on your ebike, you can trust the products from Andersen-Shopper. 

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