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Tubus Anti-scratch Protection Set for Bicycle Carrier Racks


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Avoids abrasion of powder coated carriers by pannier hooks. New, transparent foil, which is especially developed for this function. It comes in 3 stripes of 4 x 14 cm and can also be cut. Because abrasion can appear (as described in our FAQ), we advise to protect the accordant area with our (optional available) protection foil set before using bags.


About Tubus

Tubus GmbH was founded in 1988 and is by now - with the brands Tubus & Racktime –the international market leader for high-strength carrier systems. The company Tubus is located in Münster, Westphalia in Germany and has been developing and producing bike carriers since 1988.

Tubus is known as the world leader for development and production of high-quality bike carrier systems. Tubus carriers have a high reputation of being extremely durable and lightweight, and provide excellent detail solutions. Tubus carriers are made of high-strength special steels. Carriers made of this material are nearly indestructible – if correctly constructed and professionally produced. Tubus carriers are the ideal choice for medium and heavy weight travel luggage. Bike travelers, who spend a lot of time on their bicycles, trust in the Tubus brand.

For more than twenty years Tubus have built bicycle carriers from high strength steel tube. Tubus carriers belong to the standard components of the highest quality. All considerable bicycle manufacturers equip their bikes with Tubus or Racktime carriers. Highest capacities with low weight, absolute reliability in connection with fastidious optics are the characteristics of all Tubus carriers. Tubus develop and manufacture carriers according to their philosophy to unite highest product quality and longevity in a beautiful product.

Tubus are proud of a 18-year old success history of the CARGO and TARA carriers. Only optimised in detail over the years, these pair of carriers represent still the "Dream team" for many extreme travellers.

Tubus carriers are hand made and laboriously surface treated. Tubus products go through complex testing procedures before they are released for quantity production. Tubus know-how in the processing of breath-thin steel tubes to high-strength and aesthetically fastidious carriers, flows also into the development and production of customised carrier systems. Thus Tubus provide carrier solutions for manufacturers of E-bikes and customized bikes.


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