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Nuvinci 360 Boxed Kit, 36 spoke, silver, rim brake


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UNINTERRUPTED PEDALING FOR SAFE CYCLING Typically, you downshift before stopping. Then, it usually takes a while to get up to speed again as you have to shift a few times and that requires time and concentration. The fundamental idea behind NuVinci Optimized hubs is that technology shouldn’t create more work; rather it should relieve you of work. With a NuVinci Optimized hub, you can move through the infinite number of ratios in its ratio range using the intuitive twist shifter on the handelbar. You can shift whether you are accelerating full speed ahead, braking, or waiting at a light. What’s more this revolutionary gear hub requires practially no maintenance. Poorly adjusted shifting mechanisms and chains dropping are now a thing of the past. With NuVinci Optimized bikes, you can just keep riding.

THE TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION The fundamentals of power transmission remained unchanged for nearly 2500 years, even though Leonardo da Vinci sketched his vision for a continuously variable transmission over 500 years ago—until the American company Fallbrook Technologies developed an economical and maintenance-free stepless system. In theory, a NuVinci Optimized transmission can be incorporated anywhere, where the ratio of power inputs and outputs needs to be controlled: in vehicles, industrial plants, and for the extraction and processing of raw materials. Fallbrook has invested millions of dollars and holds over 700 patents and pending patent applications worldwide so that they can launch this revolutionary technology, which has already been incorporated into bicycles and eBikes from more than 80 of the world's best bicycle manufacturers. Ask your dealer about NuVinci Optimized bicycles and experience this brand new way of cycling!

Nuvinci and Eurocycles Eurocycles is proud to operate the service centre for Nuvinci in Australia and New Zealand, and as such we look after sales after-sales service, warranty and general support for Nuvinci products in our region. As the importers and distributors of Nuvinci hub gears and parts,


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