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Green Oil Bike Chain Lube 20mL for Saddle Bag


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Green Oil On Tour was created because you asked for it. We had lots of people, bike shops owners and independent riders asking if we would manufacture a smaller bottle for touring. The idea was tested with an old 'King of Saves' shaving oil bottle filled with Green Oil, and the concept worked. 

Unfortunately we couldn't use the sleek design of the original King of Shaves bottle, but we created something similar with the same great functions. The Green Oil On Tour has a great nozzle, a gripable easy to use cap, incredible leak proofness (if thats a word - basically it won't unscrew in your bag or pocket!).

Its great for bike shops in tourist areas, who have riders wanting something pocket or saddlebag sized. Many people were already decanting Green Oil into eye dropper bottles and the like, so it seemed to make sense. The On Tour can be refilled, by removing the dropper, and topping it up from your Green Oil 100ml bottle.

Like the 100ml Green Oil, the Green Oil On Tour: 

- Penetrates
- Lubricates
- Protects
- Prevents rust

The On Tour bottle is virtually leak proof. Its about the size of your thumb. It has a beautiful cap and dropper for easy application. 

Why use chain oil? A chain can be over 99% efficient. 
Friction occurs between links, and lubricating the chain reduces this - increasing efficiently.
Your bike chain is exposed to the elements: water + steel = rust. 
Rust = reduced efficiency (and harder pedaling!) 

Rust and wear due to friction also reduce the life of your bike chain. Green Oil chain lube reduces both, extending the life of your chain, and reducing friction, for a smoother ride.




About Green Oil of the UK

Green Oil UK is rider owned and run. It's a young upstart company that started in Kent, which now has an office near Clapham, London and a factory in Wales where most of the Green Oil range is produced.

Green Oil was created, because nothing similar was available. Simon Nash, the company founder was riding his bike through the river Quaggy, near Elmstead Woods in Bromley. He realized his chain was in the water, and lots of rides involve a river crossing at some point. Looking for an alternative to a petrochemical polluting lube, nothing was available.

Most brands available at the time were imported, and didn't even bother to have recycling information on. Many had the 'Dangerous for the Environment' dead fish and tree logo on. 'No one should make lube like this' he thought. Of course, every fluid used on your bike ends up in the environment. PTFE accumulates in the food chain, and petrochemicals pollute rivers and wildlife, so what's in your chain lube is important.  In his last year at University, Green Oil was developed. It utilized only plant based, and sustainably sourced ingredients rather than petrochemicals. Recycling information was clear, and sustainability incorporated from the beginning. The first bottle sold to the public was to a man in Trafalgar Square, London as cyclists gathered to watch the Tour de France, which in 2007 started in London.



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Green Oil




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