Peugeot has a rich history in cycling. Many of us grew up with a Peugeot racer or mixtie bike, which at the time were a premium offering in Australian bike shops. Indeed the heyday for Peugeot cycles in Australia was the 1970s, at a time when the Peugeot cycling teams were victorious around the globe, often led by Australian riders. However Peugeot cycles had virtually disappeared from the Australian market in the 1990s, but now returns to Australia with a new emphasis on electro-mobility. See here a nice review of a new Peugeot road bike with a preface on the history of Peugeot in Australia

Today, Peugeot Cycles are made under license by Cycleurope Industries in Romilly sur-Seine (Champaign district), who also manufactures bicycles of other well known historic brands such as Bianchi, Gitane, Puch, Definitive and Monark.  [Look out for a future blog post on a recent trip to visit the factory]. The number and variety of Cycleurope models with electric assist is truly staggering. Today we focus on their most handsome commuter model, the Peugeot eT01 ‘Australie’.

The elegant lines of the eT01 frame are fetching, and the availability of a unisex mixtie frame variant, with lower top bar for easier access, makes this model suitable to a broad cross-section of commuters and recreational riders. A nice departure from most ebikes on the market with garish colour schemes is the elegant blue-grey in matt finish, with subtle branding and highlights. The decals on the top tube are particularly fine, and have a nice 3-D element when you run your finger along it. Indeed the look of the bike was designed by the Peugeot Design Lab, which has the responsibility for the aesthetic appearance all Peugeot cycles. More on the Peugeot Design Lab can be found here

Of course a lovely looking bike is just that, without a reliable and powerful drive system. The eT01 uses the Bosch Performance line, which was specified on the eT01 for the Australian market. The high torque system offers 60nM, enough to level our hill so they feel like no challenge at all. The Bosch system commands an un-assailable position for its performance, reliability and support. All are equally important, and in this fundamental consideration the Bosch system remains un-rivalled. One test ride and you will understand the difference and have you wearing the ‘Bosch grin’.

The eT01 is supplied standard with all the features that you would need as a commuter. Highly reliable and nicely modulating Magura MT2 hydraulic disc brakes will pull you up rapidly if you need to (we at Eurocycles are great fans of Magura), an AXA front and rear LED lighting set powered by the Bosch battery and controlled via the Bosch Intuvia controller, SKS mudguard set, and the highly versatile Racktime pannier rack. With Racktime, you can quickly fit a large range of bags, baskets, crates and boxes using the Racktime snap-it adapter system. We believe this is simply the best racking system available for commuter and recreational bikes.

In summary, the Peugeot eT01 is a handsome French-made bike with the best appropriate available drive system, with an elegant understated finish crafted by the Peugeot Design Lab, equipped with features that will be attractive a broad cross section of commuters and recreational riders. When considering a new eBike, we would highly reccomend you consider the Peugeot eT01

You can test ride the eT01 at Eurocycles here in Lane Cove or at a number of other bikes stores throughout Australia. Contact us for your nearest stockist. RRP for Australia is $3950.