The fastest growing segment for ebike sales both in Australia and world-wide are Mountain Bikes. The reality is that most of these eMTB's will rarely see any dirt, they will be used as commuters and weekend leisure vehicles. Think of the modern parallel with muscular SUVs that are largely restricted to our increasingly congested cities.

Many ebike owners are discovering, by substituting nobby tyres for a set of slicks, the eMTBs become a great looking commuting option with their high performance systems. However eMTB are not supplied with integrated lighting system (powered by the ebike battery), a highly desirable feature of dedicated commuter and city ebikes. With eMTBs there are no rear pannier racks to mount a tail light, and for higher spec eMTBs there are no provisions for mounting lights the arch of the fork. The Supernova Design Lab in Germany have been working on this problem for many years and now have some stunning premium solutions.

Supernova lights are produced in Germany by a boutique industrial design lab that have won several Eurobike and Red Dot Design awards for their extraordinary products.

The new M99 Pure is like a car headlight for your ebike that brackets neatly in front of the Bosch Intuvia display. A 6 volt light is powered by the Bosch ebike battery and has a beam of 500 lumens, and uses a matrix of 9 automotive LEDs and 99 carefully angled mirrors to produce a beam of high intensity. This light also features a daytime beam to ensure you always remain visible. The M99 Pure brackets directly onto the Bosch Intuvia display by replacing the bottom clamps with the light system bracket, giving it a graceful and integrated finish.

supernova M99 lightSupernova M99 light. Breathtakingly elegant.
Supernova M99 lights the way

An alternative to the M99 Pure is the Eurobike Award winning Supernova E3 ebike light, which has a more compact cylindrical appearance with a clean look that integrates beautifully with modern high-end eMTBs. These compact lights produce 165 lumens from a single automotive LED. There are a number of mounting options available for the E3, including mounting centrally from the Bosch Inuvia display, from a handlebar brackets, or from brackets that mount on to some suspension fork arches.

super nova E3 ebike lightSupernova E3 ebike light
Supernova-AirstreamTL-prSupernova Airstream Tail light

The elegant E3 tail light has a bracket option that fits it neatly to the seat post, negating the need for a pannier rack to mount an integrated light. The power cable runs directly to the Bosch motor. To fit integrated lights to the Bosch system that supplies it with power, you would also need to fit a front and rear Bosch light cable that includes the connectors that plug directly into the Bosch Drive Unit. You would also need to ask your Bosch ebike dealer to enable the light function, so that you can turn the lights on and off from the light button on the Bosch Intuvia controller. This is normally disabled on eMTBs. This is a quick operation that requires the bike to be linked to the Bosch Diagnostic Tool, that is only available to qualified Bosch ebike dealers.

The E3 headlights and rear lights, together with numerous mounting options, are available now in Australia - click here for more information. The new M99 Pure headlamp will be available in Australia from late February, and is available to pre-order from