A question we are often asked in relation to pedelec bicycles in Australia with assistance limited to 25km/h and the tuning devices available through various overseas online outlets.

To answer this question, we refer to the unambiguous statement from Bosch Ebike Systems found here and copied below.

No, tuning is prohibited. If you nevertheless use a tuning kit or otherwise modify your Bosch eBike system, your eBike’s guarantee and purchase warranty will be rendered null and void. Any improper treatment of the system will generally reduce its service life and risk damage to the Drive Unit and bicycle. In addition, you endanger your own safety and that of other road users, thus risking high personal liability costs and even the possibility of criminal prosecution, in the case of accidents attributed to tuning. For these reasons, Bosch eBike Systems implores all eBike riders and providers to refrain from tuning.