The German bicycle parts manufacturer Hebie have a long and distinguished history dating back to 1868. Originally a cork-cutting concern, Hebie began with making cork handlebar grips at around the turn of the century.

Today Hebie are highly regarded for their innovating and high quality cycling products, specialising in chain guards, mud guards, carrier racks and kickstands.

Hebie are regarded as the leaders in kick-stand innovation, and have the largest kick stand manufacturing programme in the world. Hebie pride themselves on having a kickstand for every bike and every demand.

Hebeie LEX Middle KickstandThe traditional centre kickstand design is covered by the Hebie LEX series, and is available for bikes with 26-28” wheels. If the bike doesn’t have a central mounting platform, the GRP Stand Plate is available. For superb stability, the biped REX series is available in a range of sizes to suit city bikes with different chain stay heights. Depending on the model, the biped stand can hold up an enormous weigh of 80kg.

Today the most common form of kickstand is at the rear left-hand-side of the bike. Many frame makers now provide mounting points for these rear kickstands on the dropout using the KSA standard. KSA 40 uses two fixing bolts 40mm apart, and KSA 18 uses fixing bolts 18mm apart. The Hebie FIX series of kickstands are designed to use these KSA mounting points, and are available for bicycles of wheel diameter 26-29”. For ebikes the eFIX provides a self-folding mechanism that doesn't rattle about when folded.

Hebie Fox Centre Kick StandFor bike frames without mounting points, the FOX series mounts the rear kickstand to the frame triangle. The FOX works well with mountain bike frames, which are often difficult to find a suitable kickstand for. With models available for bikes with wheel diameters of 26-29”, see here how to fix the FOX:

Finally if none of the above solutions work for you, then the Hebie AX series may well be the answer. The AX mounts to the frame via the quick release axle, and has variants for 26-29” wheels and for classic steel frame bikes. See here how to fit the AX:

Eurocycles stocks the full Hebie kickstand range, along with accessories for fitting as well as spare parts such as feet.