One of the challenges for every day cycling is to find convenient ways to carry items safely and securely on your bike. If ultimately we want to replace car trips with bike trips, we need convenient, practical and where possible stylish solutions to transporting our gear and goods.

In an earlier blog post we introduced the Andersen Shopper bike trolleys. Now we would like to introduce the Hebie Bootbag system for the rear pannier rack. Hebie is a German company established in the late 19th Century, that is legendary for its kick stands and mud guards as well as well as many other components to be found on many bikes of European origin.

The Hebie Bootbag is available in several forms, the base-type being a tall open-topped box (15-20 litres capacity) made of durable plastic, available in a wide range of appealing colours.  Despite being made in Germany, this Bootbag is affordable at $54.90 (plus adapter) and very practical.


Available as accessories are either short or long carrier straps made of a beautiful cotton webbing that allow you to carry the Bootbag with you as a shoulder bag  in the supermarket for example. A beautiful textile and washable inner-bag (Bootbag INLAY) with draw-string allows you to remove the contents of the Bootbag quickly. A Raincover is also available for the Bootbag.

For something very special, there is also a lovely leather version of the Bootbag, hand-crafted in Germany of Argentinian calf leather. These are available in black or brown leather, and are just beautiful. Where the plastic version of the Bootbag is very affordable, the leather version is a little on the pricy side at $350 plus an appropriate adapter.

Also available in the Hebie Bootbag series is a textile bag with firm sides, a bit like the Topeak bags that some might be acquainted with. These textile Bootbags have an integrated carry strap that make carrying the Bootbag over the shoulder a very comfortable fit. This Bootbag has a large main-compartment with easy access thanks to 2 zips, plus a zippered compartment on each side. One of the nicest features of the textile Bootbag is that the plate used to fit the Bootbag to the pannier rack is covered by a padded removable cover, completely hiding it when not in use on the bike. You wouldn’t know it was a bike-bag.

This is our favourite textile pannier-top bag. 


The last but very important note is on the mechanism to attach the Bootbags to the pannier rack.

If you have a generic pannier rack, the Hebie UniSnap adapter works very well (and not just with Bootbags- the UniSnap can be fitted to baskets, crates, boxes, bags, whatever) and allows you to fit or remove the bag easily and quickly. This is a great solution if you plan to use the Bootbag on different bikes with different pannier racks - say shared in a household. If you have a KLICKfix GTA or Hebie QLIX pannier rack that uses the GTA coupling system, then simply fit a GTA-Coupling to the bottom of the Bootbag. For the Racktime pannier rack system that is commonly found on many European bike brands, the Racktime Snap-it adapter can be readily fitted.  Hebie also have their own system called the Quicksnap system that is inexpensive and will work with most standard pannier racks. We don’t want to confuse you here, but to say that no matter what pannier rack you have, there will be a simple and effective solution to fit your Bootbag.