There are just some things that have to be learned the easy way and understanding ebikes is one of those things!

The first time you hop on an electric bike, everything makes sense. We can talk forever! But actually the thing that will really make you want to know more is the conversion that happens once you get on and see for yourself. Suddenly you shift from any number of places: skeptical; misguided; wrongly informed; even blissfully ignorant! 

We can tell you about the health benefits of riding an ebike and we can quote stats on the social and environmental benefits of cycling generally and then of course there are the cost savings…the fact that you can commute in a suit, delay your first car…get rid of your second car!!!

But at the end of the's not until you get your your tushie on one and you’ve felt the tailwind as the hills flatten out before you that you will be filled with possibility and your smile says it all (some of us at Eurocycles call it “the ebike grin”).

ebike grin collage

If people around you are talking about ebikes and you want to put your two bobs worth into the conversation…you need to get on one.

If you think they are only good for old people and fat people who are out of condition…you need to get on one!

If you are scared about going too fast or being out of control, or being seen as a "cheat"…you guessed it, you need to get on one, and with every stroke of the pedal the myths will unfurl and your thoughts and conversations going forward will be so much more practical.


Casual ride events and demo days are a great opportunity to do some informal research

We can talk until we are blue in the face (and those who know us, know this to be true) because we are super passionate about bringing this technology to Australia and we have done a mountain of research and have a super talented team with expert technical and engineering background so we can answer a lot of questions and then some, but actually…what we really want you to do is get on one…just get on and let’s chat once you’ve had a little ride eh?


Find us soon

If you missed us in Hyde Park last Wednesday, you still have a chance to find us in the city with a range of models by Peugeot, Gepida and Gitane

Wednesday 9th March

Barangaroo Headland – Sydney Cycleways Try a bike event

Regular bike hire, cycling guides and advice by Bike Wise

Free electric bike demos and info sharing by eurocycles

Join us for a free lunch compliments of Sydney Cycleways at Cantina Movila


Wednesday 16th March

Observatory Hill – Sydney Cycleways Try a Bike event and Business Challenge Suit Ride

Regular bike hire, cycling guides and advice by Bike Wise

Free electric bike demos and info sharing by eurocycles

Formal Sydney Business Challenge Suit Ride Join us for a free lunch at Cantina Movila

Sunday 1st May

Sustainability Lane – Pittwater Food and Wine Festival

Sustainability Lane is an annual event organised by Pittwater Council. The event showcases sustainable living through a variety of stalls, demonstrations and free giveaways.

Join us for a free demo ride or to ask your burning questions…maybe before you indulge in all that good wine? ;)

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Eurocycles Lane Cove Showroom – ph: 1300300607 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Call us to make a time and drop by for a look at our portfolio of bikes. Lane Cove Business Park is surrounded by cycle paths and quiet streets so you can test ride a few styles and find the one for you.