The New Gepida Asgard eMTB: An ideal MTB-Urban cross-over

Eurocycles began importing the European-made Gepida Asgard powered by Bosch since 2013, making it the first Bosch eMTB on the Australian market. The model has undergone significant changes with each model year, and continues to be a leading model in Australia.

An interesting pattern that we have noticed with Australian eMTB consumers is that these bikes are more commonly used day-in-day-out as commuter bikes, with the occasional use touring and off-road. An analogy would be the Australian love of the SUV, masculine with impressive offroad capabilities, but often never seeing any dirt at all. Perhaps there is liberty in just knowing that you have that freedom, that desire for one-ness with our natural environment, however elusive, that drives our purchasing decisions. Uniquely, the Gepida Asgard sits very comfortably as an impressive offroad performer, and an every-day commuting workhorse.

The new Asgard for 2017 features a completely re-designed frame, that better integrates the Bosch ebike battery. The top tube of the frame still sports the elegant sigmoid design, making for a handsome profile. The powerplant is the new Boch Performance Line CX, that produces an impressive 75nM of torque, an increase from 60nM of the Performance Line of the previous model Asgard. The Asgard is also supplied with the new 500WH powerpack, providing an additional 25% capacity as compared with the 400WH batteries on the earlier model Asgard. So with a robust, elegant frame of stable geometry, the utterly reliable and high-torque Bosch Performance Line CX, and high capacity battery, the new Asgard retains its place as a leading eMTB model in the Australian market.

Gepida Asgard CX 2017 eMTB

What makes the Asgard such an ideal eMTB for everyday commuting?

For a start, the Asgard is available in either 27.5" or 29” wheel diameters. When fitted with slick commuting tyres (we recommend the Schwalbe Marathon), the 29er model become a 700c bike with an excellent roll for commuting. The frame designers at Gepida also had commuting and touring applications in mind, as they have provided lugs and mounting points for a pannier rack- not normally found on eMTBs. Next, there is provision on the rear LHS dropout for a KS40 kickstand, a must for convenience when used as a commuter or when touring with panniers (we recommend the Hebie Fix 40 kickstands).

Like to fit a set of lights to run directly off the Bosch ebike battery? Simple, there are a range of lights from the German-made Supernova and French-made AXA that can be readily fitted to your Asgard. Need mudguards- the German-made Hebie ViperX front+rear mudguards set fits perfectly.

Available from a number of ebike retailers across both Australia and New Zealand.