We at Eurocycles have been holding and attending many demo and test ride events over the spring season, catering to a broad range of riders. We have met with commuters, weekend leisure riders, those seeking to get back on a bike after many years away, those recuperating from an injury or trying to get back into shape, to the serious off-road mountain-bikers.

The bikes we demo all use the Bosch eBike system, across several brands of bike. Here are the 10 most common questions asked at these demo days:

How far can I get on an electric bike battery charge?

The answer to this question depends on many factors and will be different for each of us. Range depends on bike type (Bosch Active or Performance Line), tyre type (nobby or slick), rider weight, road surface (tarmac or dirt), terrain (flat, undulating, hilly), wind direction (with you or against you, wind speed) and of course the level of assistance selected (Turbo, Sport, Tour or Eco). Bosch powered electric bikes in Australia typically carry the 400WH battery, so depending on all these factors, you could expect anywhere between 40-180km range. To get a good range estimate for your specific set of conditions, try the Bosch range calculator here.

Can you get electric bike batteries of different capacities?

Most electronic bikes in Australia are supplied with 400WH batteries, which equates to 11.2ah. There are also 300WH batteries on bikes that do not necessarily need a larger capacity, such as city and comfort bikes. From late November, the new 500WH battery will be made available as a spare part, as well as being standard equipment on some electric bikes (such as mountain bikes with the new high-torque CX Performance motors). This will effectively increase range by 20% compared with the 400WH battery.

How long to charge an electric bike battery?

The Bosch drive system charger provides one of the fastest rates of charge available for an e-bike. The Bosch eBike technical brochure details the charge times, however as a guide, 80% charge can be achieved in 1.5 hours and full charge in 2.5-3 hours.

What servicing would be needed for a Bosch system eBike?

One of the advantages of electric bikes fitted with mid-drive motors (as opposed to motors in either the front or rear hub) is that servicing of the bike is much like the servicing of normal bicycle. The motors do not require servicing, however the drive chain sprocket would generally need to be changed when a new chain is fitted. Ebikes typically get used more often, ridden for longer journeys and travel at higher average speeds than non-motorised bicycles. With this additional use, servicing may be required more often than a normal bicycle, but of course depends on level of use. For example it's likely that you will wear out your brake pads sooner, given that you tend to travel at higher average speeds and will use your brakes a little harder.

Can any bike shop service an electric bike?

We would encourage Bosch eBikes to be serviced by bike shops that have undergone formal training on the Bosch e-bike system. Most commonly this would be the shop that the bike was purchased from. If you are having trouble finding a local shop that has experience in servicing the Bosch eBike system, please free to contact us at Eurocycles to point you in the right direction.

Are Bosch e-bikes road-legal in Australia?

Yes, with the exception of the Northern Territory who have not updated their road regulations (as at the time of writing this blog post). There are certainly many electric bikes out there that are of questionable legality, however Bosch-powered eBikes where assistance is limited to 25km/h that conform to the European Standard EN15194, adopted for Australia, are considered to be normal bicycles. Therefore these can be ridden where non-motorised bicycles can be ridden. To be sure, check for the EN15194 compliance decal on the bike frame, a mandatory requirement for these bikes. Please note that speed-pedelecs (or s-pedelecs) where assistance is limited to 45km/h are not road-legal in Australia. Also another important note, do not attempt to ‘tune’ your electric bike to increase the bike assistance speed limit. This will likely invalidate the Bosch e-bike systems warranty and will have you riding a non-road-legal bike.

Where can I get more information?

Please free to contact us at Eurocycles for any questions you may have. We will also point you to a bike shop near you that has the bikes and the expertise to help you decide on the right bike for you.