electric bikes in Australia - 10 facts to bring you up to speed about our e-bikes

bosch-e-bike-australia1 ebike, electric bike or Pedelecs, as they are known in Europe, are bicycles fitted with an electric motor drive system that provides assistance to the rider enabling you to ride farther with less effort. Think of it as having a reliable tailwind to help you on the way up hills.

2 The electric drive systems are pedal-assist only, there is no throttle.

3 The pedal assistance is active from 0 to 25km per hour. After that, if you wish to ride faster, it’s at your own steam.


Bosch-e-bike-Intuvia4 A standard battery gives an average assistance range of 60km per change (charge time is 2-3 hours).

5 Bosch powered electric bikes have been leading the exponentially growing pedelec market in Europe since 2010.

6 Electric bikes are serviced just like a regular bike - brakes, gears etc. Only the electric component requires a trained mechanic.

7 Support for Bosch e-bike systems is now established in Australia with a full service and parts hotline.

Bosch-electric-bike-australia8 All E-bikes from Eurocycles, Gepida, Peugeot and Gitane conform to the European standard EN15194.

9 A study of 529 e-bike owners by Monash University’s Institute of Transport Studies found that 88% of people who had not previously cycled are riding their e-bikes weekly (and half of these…daily!). They also found that they are driving less.

10 The last thing you need to know is why everyone who rides an e-bike is smiling. The only way to do that is see for yourself!