I began cycling in my late 20s on a Malvern Star 5 star racing bike when I lived in Melbourne. Friends were keen cyclists and together we began touring and carrying all our gear to the Fleurieu Peninsula in SA and the Victorian High Country.

Around this time we spent a summer in Tasmania guiding bike tours from Launceston to Hobart via the east coast. 10 years on, I bought my first mountain bike and had lots of adventures in Kosciusko National Park touring and camping out to Jagungal and The Pilot Wilderness as well as day trips.

In recent years I bought a carbon fibre racing bike which I rode a lot around the NSW far south coast area where I live, NE Victoria and a couple of trips to France. A life highlight for me was cycling to the summit of Mt Ventoux.

Unfortunately, by 2014 my knees were getting angry with me when I took them up hills, and I was wondering how I could keep cycling. After a lot of research, I decided that an eBike could be a good solution for me. That's when I bought my Gepida Asgard. It was a wonderful solution for my deteriorating knees. I bought a second set of rims so that I could have road tyres and mountain tyres. When the Gepida Asgard came out I was fortunate enough to acquire one and very lucky that my road wheels fitted it.

I have now enjoyed 18 months of fun riding my Gepida Asgard, and was on a long and steep climb in the Victorian Alps when my odometer clicked over 8000kms last week. Long distance riding gave me plenty of thinking and contemplating time and I began looking back through the adventures I have had on my eBike.

Because I enjoy distance riding in remote places, I bought a second battery, 500wh, which I carry, along with my charger in a bag on my carrier. Last Saturday, when I rode 135km from Omeo to Bright via Falls Creek and Tawonga Gap, I arrived with 1 spent battery and 2 bars of charge in the other, and no hint of battery anxiety.

I took my Asgard to Europe for 2 months last year and travelled over 2000kms in Italy, France and Germany over 8 weeks. I found I could easily ride around 90 plus kms, through undulating countryside with a Col or 2, in a day, and then charge the battery ( which I purchased in Geneva because I couldn't fly with it) overnight and be ready for another picturesque adventure. Two big highlights of the Europe trip were riding to the top of Mt Ventoux and Alpe d'Huez, both iconic Tour de France climbs.


The first time up Mt Ventoux on my road bike, and the summit again, this time on my eBike.


Riding the magnificent Gorge du Verdon in Provence, France on my Gepida with road tyres.

With my first Gepida, which was a Ruga, with 29" wheels, I bought a second set of rims so I could have road tyres. Even though the Asgard comes with 27.5" rims, it accommodates my bigger road wheels, so it's now just a 2 minute task to change between the different wheels.

I live on the far south coast of NSW, by the beach and in hilly country. The road riding is beautiful and far from flat, so my legs are very happy to have the eBike assistance, and because the cafes are far apart I can make it to Bermagui and back for a coffee. Within our area we have an extensive network of single tracks through the forest, which are a ton of fun on my Asgard. I only do the easier tracks, but I know the bike is capable of going on more challenging rides.

Soon, along with friends, I am heading to northern Tasmania for 2 weeks of cycle touring where I will be loaded up with all I need for the trip. After doing a few practice runs with laden panniers, I am very confident we'll have a lot of fun.

My Gepida Asgard is one of the best things I have ever owned! I have been able to ride with my fitter and stronger friends, and enjoy riding in magic places, and keep my body strong and fit.


Heading to Gorges du Verdon and outside the medieval walled village at Vaison la Romaine.