We all remember the day that Ray and Tony blew in with a flurry of excitement to collect their recent touring electric bike purchases and we couldn't wait to hear about their planned adventures. We didn't have to wait long! Thanks For sharing your holiday with us Ray, we love the read and the feedback...so much so, we think a few of our followers might enjoy it too. Thanks for allowing us to share. We've provided links to some of the information for further reading, or join our readers club to receive our regular newsletters and stay up to speed and to receive 10% off your next purchase at eurocycles online.

Gepida Alboin

Dear Rick,

You may remember Ray & Tony who purchased a couple of ebikes from you in Feb.  Since then we have ridden some 700k.  Our latest e-adventure was an overnight tour to Katoomba from my home in Greystanes. We did this to test the touring capability of our Gepida Alboin ebikes with Bosch Active Line pedal assist & new  500w battery.  A ride to Katoomba is one that many wouldn’t attempt; I did it a few months back on my pedal only Fuji touring bike & without a doubt it was the most arduous ride I have ever done. I say this having ridden the Nullarbor from Ceduna to Norseman, 1250K in April 2013 & The Camino de Santiago, 850k in April 2015.


 Tony & I rode the 93K from Greystanes to Katoomba (1,000 metres above sea level) in 5hrs 30min at an average speed of 17.1Kph taken from the trip computer. We detoured for lunch at the Conservation Hut in Wentworth Falls & were in such good shape on arrival in Katoomba that we rode to Echo Point & joined the tourists who wanted photos of us with our bikes.  Nothing like an ebike equipped for touring gear to start a conversation. On arrival at our accommodation, the finish of our recorded ride, we still had battery charge to spare. Two of the five bars remained & the computer showed a further range of 24K on Eco mode.


One rides up a mountain

to experience the ride down ...


  ...which was exhilarating.  Breakfast at Wentworth Falls, detour from RAAF base at Glenbrook through bush track near Zig -Zag railway.  Lunch in Penrith & train to Seven Hills then ride back to Greystanes. A distance of 67k ridden in 2hrs 55mins at an average speed of 23Kph & max speed 53kph, taken from trip computer.  At the finish in Greystanes we still had 4 of the 5 bars remaining on the battery which showed a further 112k in Eco mode.


We purchase these bikes to go long distance touring with all the equipment for long periods on the road.  This was a test trip to see if these bikes were capable & they passed with flying colours.

  • Touring mode levelled the hills. We rarely engaged sport mode & turbo was a "nice to have"
  • Front shock absorbers provided a comfortable ride, especially on bush tracks
  • Front & rear disk brakes gave us stopping power downhill with load.

We are very happy to own such a quality bike that tick all the boxes for bicycle touring.

tony and ray Gepida alboin

Regards,  Ray & Tony